Monday, March 22, 2010

New Website Coming Soon!

I had an actual website where you could purchase my bows and stuff online. It was costing me a lot of money and I didn't have the time to keep it up, so I cancelled the hosting, but kept the domain. Some of you have ended up here as a result of going to my domain name. Well soon that's gonna change. I'm working on building a new website through a free hosting site. It's pretty user friendly and you can customize it with html. I have very minimal knowledge of html, but my brother is a programmer. I'm hoping he'll be able to help me get it up and running soon since I already have all the html and images from my previous site.

So if you're interested in bows, be on the lookout for the new website. In the meantime, if you really need something, please feel free to email me at

What a busy weekend!

We had such a busy weekend! Elisa came for the weekend because she had a wedding in Oceanside. So she hung out with us while we went to the beach on Saturday to hang out with Aaron's dad and his wife. It was such a beautiful day. Not hot and not cold, just perfect. I felt so blessed to be living in the beautiful state of California. Then we headed off to Gramma's to have a belated St. Patty's day dinner with some of Aaron's family. I always love when Gramma makes Corned Beef and Cabbage. She is so good to us.

On Sunday, I finally got to take a pic of my favorite little 7 month-old, baby girl Avagail with the latest hat I made for her (it's the same hat I put on Kynzie's head, but was meant for Ava). Her mommy even brought a coordinating cardigan to match the hat!

Isn't she a cutie!?! She absolutely lit up once her daddy showed up to love on her. She was entertaining us all with her extreme cuteness.

Then we headed off to our weekly brunch with my parents...mmmmm....bacon! As usual, I did my weekly Grocery Gaming and did quite well, but only went to one store because I was so wiped out from being in the sun the day before. I actually fell asleep and stayed asleep for most of the night then started to toss and turn dreaming that I forgot bits and pieces for the MOPS craft that we're doing this week. So on my task list for today (besides the usual) is to gather up all the craft stuff for this week and get it together and taken care of so I can sleep better until Thursday.

Oh great...the baby is awake, which means I will walk up there in a few minutes and find all his blankets and his fitted crib sheet on the floor. Gotta go!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to Catch Up!

So, what have I been up to? Everything. The girls and I moved back to Cali in August of '08. Aaron followed a month later to finish up his job in TX and start the old job he left behind in CA. Remember in my "I'm Alive" post I mentioned I was in Urgent Care...turns out I was pregnant and we welcomed our baby boy on March 1, 2009. Yeah...A LOT has happened! I've been heavily involved in my home church and have been loving every bit of it. My oldest is in 2nd grade, but we will be homeschooling her next year along with my 4 year old. Cade turned 1 recently and is just so much fun. He's still not walking though, which is kind of a blessing. Not sure I'm ready to chase after him yet.

I still make bows and stuff, but mostly to give away to my friends and family who don't have or make enough money to buy them and need them for their bald babies. I've done a few big orders (cheerbows and such), but have really been working on crochet hats. Here's a couple I've made lately:

I've been super busy mostly (besides with my kids) with being Coordinator of the MOPS group that meets at my church. It's a lot of work, but so worth it. I've met some really great women and have made some really great friends. God is so good!

I'm back!

Lot's of catching up to do. It's been almost 2 years! I've been busy. Had another kid (a baby boy this time) and have been working on crochet hats. I'll post pictures soon.