Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kynzie's words

When Maddie was a baby she talked so soon. Her first word was "daddy" at 6 months old...clear as a bell and we have it on video. She moved on to full sentences by a year and a half and could hold a conversation with you. You didn't have to guess at what she was saying and everyone we met were always surprised.

Now we have Kynzie. She didn't say anything for about the first year and a half of her life. She used to just grunt. Now she's talking and talking and between my two girls I rarely get a moment of peace unless they're sleeping. Kynzie doesn't talk nearly as clear as Maddie did and I find myself having to translate for her all the time. I love that she doesn't talk too clearly because her words are so cute! Here are some examples:

sumpim = something
oars = yours
googrr = good girl
goomers = bloomers
et = yet
ogret = yogurt
ahden = again
sow = school
baby soup = bathing suit

I'm really going to have to keep a record of all these things becuase before I know it...they'll be clear as a bell too...just like Maddie's words.

Friday, June 13, 2008

And the winners are...

In a very scientific and random drawing, conducted by my 2.5 yo, the winners are Kari George and Kisha Johnson! Congrats ladies! Thanks for playing!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yay! Today is my 31st Birthday! It's been a great day so far and I've only been awake for about an hour. I've been wanting an iPhone for sometime now and this morning my hubby gave me a picture of an iPhone. I thought he was playing a joke on me because he has been completely against me getting one since I first mentioned wanting one. He then tells me that I am getting an iPhone and that I could either get one today or wait until July 11th to get the new one coming out. I'm definitely waiting for the new one to come out since it's got way more features and is less expensive! I'm so excited.

Normally, Aaron gives the girls cereal for breakfast. Since it's now Summer, they don't get up in time to see him before he leaves for work. When Kynzie got up, she asked if her daddy was still here and I told her no. Then she was all worried that she wasn't going to get any cereal for breakfast. I assured her that I could get her cereal and she was fine with that. We get downstairs and she sees a bag of Cheetos from yesterday and asks if she could have Cheetos. I told her, "No you may not have Cheetos for breakfast." She paused and looked at me and said, "May I please have lunch?". I was laughing so hard. I had to call Aaron and share the funny story with him...he quite enjoyed it.

It's been so busy and hectic for the past couple of weeks. Maddie had her Kindergarten graduation last Thursday (I'll post pics later) and then we had some parties to attend. We got her SAT scores and she did unbelievably well. The test says that she has the listening skills of a 6th now I have proof that she does hear me, it's just a matter of her obeying!

We signed up for the local YMCA yesterday. It's literally around the corner from our house and it's brand new. It has a splash pad, family pool and a waterpark! Since gas is so expensive, we decided to go ahead an sign up since it's so close by. We went yesterday for the first time and had a blast. The girls can't wait to go back today.

Lastly, since it's my birthday I 'd like to give out some blog candy. I'm going to give to two random people one of these two prizes: a scrapbook embellishment goodie bag or a custom hair bow. You'll be given one entry for every post you put on my blog and another entry for mentioning my blog or on your blog. Happy posting!

***I forgot to mention that this contest will end on until Friday, June 13th at noon (CST).***