Monday, January 14, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm working on getting everything updated (this site, Facebook and Twitter). To see all of my latest projects please visit my Bizzy Bows Facebook Fan Page at . All of my designs are in specific albums there along with pricing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bizzy Bows and Jamberry Nails

I've been working every spare moment I get on two sets of this owl cap and matching booties (my cousin had adorable twin girls).  You see, I am a mother of three kids (11, 7 and 3) and I homeschool my two oldest, so spare time is rare for me.  I absolutely LOVE the way these owl caps turn out...they're not your average crochet owl cap.  The stitching I chose is very intricate and beautiful and in my mind is what an owl would actually look like if it turned into a crochet cap.  When I finally completed the sets, I noticed they perfectly matched Jamberry's (click here to check out Jamberry Nails) Owls & Aqua Pinstripe Jamberry Juniors nail wraps.  

Now I'm thinking I need to make an owl cap big enough for my 7 year old to wear to go along with these Jam Jrs!  What do you think?  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jamberry Nails

So in addition to bow making, crocheting, knitting, and homeschooling, I've recently become a Jamberry consultant. Although I love the look of nail polish on my finger nails and toe nails, I have  always hated that the nail polish always chipped off within a day or two.  Being a busy mom of two kids...what? Did I really write that...I have three kids!  Sheesh...see I'm too busy to remember how many kids I have!  Anyhow, being a busy mom of THREE kids means I'm doing a million things at once.  From washing dishes to wiping faces, crocheting, planning crafts for my craft elective, cooking dinner, nails get thrashed and neglected.

I was introduced to Jamberry in November 2012.  I kind of brushed it off when I first read about it because I certainly did not want to waste any more money on nail polish.  Then one time I noticed the designs on the nails were way too detailed to be regular polish. So I began to dig and research about this company.  I dug for good news, old news and bad news.  I only found great news about Jamberry. I took a chance and purchased a set of Jamberry nail shields to try.  I bought a set called "String of Lights & Red Pinstripes" to try on my girls.  

We all fell in love instantly.  Jamberry nail shields are supposed to last up to 2 weeks on finger nails and up to 6 weeks on toe nails.  They lasted on my oldest daughter for over 3 weeks!  Since November, I've had many different sets on...not because they didn't last long enough, but because I was itching to try different styles.  The application is fairly simple

  • First you prep your nails, I just make sure my nails are polish-free, cut, and filed to my desired length, push back my cuticles, then wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol.  
  • Select the nail strip that fits your nail bed (only cutting off what you will use), and heat it with a blow dryer by holding the adhesive side facing the blow dryer for 10-15 seconds.  
  • Apply the nail shield and smooth out with a lot of pressure.  Be sure that the nail shield is not touching any of your skin.  You can either press it down with your own fingers or use the cuticle pusher.  
  • Reheat the nail again with a blow dryer, then smooth out again making sure no edges are popped up.
  • File off excess with a downward motion only.
At one point, I had these on (Chalkboard Hearts and Black & White Stripes):

Today I put these bad boys on (Teal Sparkle and Lavender Sparkle):

I love sparkle nail polish, but I do not love removing sparkle nail polish.  I am so happy to be able to have some pretty sparkly nails, knowing it will be easy as pie to remove them when it's time.  

If you are interested in hosting a Jamberry party (either in your home or online), please feel free to contact me.  Jamberry just rolled out a new and very generous hostess program that you will love!  You can also drool over all the beautiful designs by visiting my Jamberry website at

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello everyone!  It's been a busy season in my life, but I'm hoping to be able to blog more and show all of you the stuff I've been making!  I'm hoping to revamp the blog and be more active about blogging on here.  To see the latest stuff I've made, head on over to  Once there you can go through my photo albums and see the different things I've been working on.  If anything catches your eye, please feel free to contact me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Review Blog

Hi everyone,

Since I buy a lot of stuff and have gone through a lot of stuff, I've decided to start a review blog on items that I've purchased. Hopefully, if you're looking into buying some of the same stuff, I'll be able to give you some insight on the product.

Check out my reviews at!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

An End of an Era

I don't even think anyone really reads these posts, but it's nice to put my feelings out there. Today was officially my last day as Coordinator for my church's MOPS group. It was a long year, but a very rewarding and blessed experience. I know I've made some lifetime friends this past year and am so thankful for the women God put in my path. It's funny because I was so against becoming the Coordinator for the group, even though I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to do it. I am so glad I did it and never gave up. I tend to give up on things after a while, so it's nice to know that I stuck it out from beginning to end. I think my weeks are going to have a sense of emptiness for a while least until Maddie and I start homeschooling.

Speaking of homeschooling...only a little over a month of regular school left! Surprisingly, Maddie is ready for it to be over as well. I can't wait for summer to start and for us to do family fun things. We have a few camping trips we've planned and I'm hoping to get back on Sunday bonfires with my church fam. I look forward to making memories with everyone.

Everyday since we've been back in CA (from our move to TX), I thank God for being here. I just love it here so much. I feel so connected here...connected to my family, friends, church, and most importantly God. I know with all my heart, THIS is where we're supposed to be. I feel like TX was such a drain on me spiritually and emotionally and I am happy to be done with that trial in my life. I know there will be more trials ahead, but it's nice to know God is always there and will continue to guide me from one era to the next.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you Lord for a new day!

So today has been the COMPLETE opposite of yesterday. All three kids have been pretty dern good (spoken with a TX accent...thanks Jenn)! Right now the girls are playing together very nicely while I'm making Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Cade has thrown less fits today and has been practicing walking unprompted by me. He still laughs the whole time he's walking, but I'm happy he's getting his confidence. I have mixed feelings about him achieving these milestones though...I mean he IS my last baby. Maybe I should trip him?