Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bizzy Bows and Jamberry Nails

I've been working every spare moment I get on two sets of this owl cap and matching booties (my cousin had adorable twin girls).  You see, I am a mother of three kids (11, 7 and 3) and I homeschool my two oldest, so spare time is rare for me.  I absolutely LOVE the way these owl caps turn out...they're not your average crochet owl cap.  The stitching I chose is very intricate and beautiful and in my mind is what an owl would actually look like if it turned into a crochet cap.  When I finally completed the sets, I noticed they perfectly matched Jamberry's (click here to check out Jamberry Nails) Owls & Aqua Pinstripe Jamberry Juniors nail wraps.  

Now I'm thinking I need to make an owl cap big enough for my 7 year old to wear to go along with these Jam Jrs!  What do you think?  

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